New People CinemaSun, Oct 14, 2012 7:00 PM Not Available
Fall Season Festival
Fall Season Festival:Taiwan Film Days

Director Lee Chi-Yuarn, an acclaimed writer and poet in Taiwan, offers a film that like blowfish themselves is a beautiful and strange attractor. Xiao-Zhun, a shy, low-key elevator operator in a department store, has her world crash around her when she catches her boyfriend cheating. Crushed and looking for solace wherever she can find it, she decides to seek a better home for her pet blowfish by offering it in an online auction. A young baseball coach, alone and waiting for his wife to return to him from yet another extramarital excursion, takes part in the auction and purchases the fish. When Xiao-Zhun delivers the it to his house they form an instant connection and, perhaps not surprisingly, strike up an affair of their own. When she then moves in with this relative stranger, the two quickly fall into a makeshift routine of domesticity, but lurking all the while are the deep and unspoken scars of their former lives.