Greatest of Them All
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Fall Season Festival
Fall Season Festival:New Italian Cinema
Italian rock band Pluto was never much good to begin with. Nevertheless, the group means the world to wheelchair-bound filmmaker Ludovico who begs them to reunite for a documentary he wants to make. Ludovico convinces drummer Loris, currently a hapless father at loose ends, to gather up Pluto’s far-flung other members for the endeavor even as the band’s past issues arise once more. Will singer Mao reconnect with former girlfriend Sabrina? Will the unwilling lead guitar player Rino agree to play? And what are the motivations behind Ludovico’s desire to see Pluto onstage again? Director Carlo Virzì, who led a rock band in the ’90s and composed the music for the film, knows the territory well and gives the film a raucous but melancholy air.