DECEPTIVE PRACTICE: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay
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Film Info
Premiere Status:USA
Year of Prod:2012
Running Time:88
dir:Molly Bernstein
Alan Edelstein
prod:Molly Bernstein
Alan Edelstein
Alicia Sams
Philip Dolin
cam:Eddie Marritz
Ben Wolf
Joey Forsyte
editor:Molly Bernstein
mus:Clare Manchon
Olivier Manchon
source:Kino Lorber Inc.
333 W 39th St
Ste 503
New York
NY 10018
FAX: 212-714-0871
An engaging portrait of Ricky Jay emerges in this documentary that is as magical as anything in his conjurer’s bag of tricks. Under the tutelage of his amateur magician grandfather, Max Katz, Jay began performing before he even started kindergarten, made his TV debut at seven and was barely in his 20s the first time he made magic on The Tonight Show. An enchanting blend of interviews and archival material reveals a man with a lifelong passion for his craft and a deep appreciation for those who came before him. Jay tips his hat to the magicians that educated him—childhood heroes with exotic names like Cardini, Slydini and Al Flosso aka “The Coney Island Fakir,” as well as idols he met later like Dai Vernon and Charlie Miller—in a bewitching film that is as much a history of magic as it is a chronicle of Jay’s charmed career. Chock full of clips from classic TV shows and all manner of prestidigitation, the film’s emphasis is on card tricks. After all, Jay can throw an ace with such force that he can pierce the skin of a watermelon and is rarely without a deck in hand—shuffling the cards, cutting the deck, performing tricks as a matter of habit—all the while weaving spellbinding tales of the characters that have marked his life.
-Pam Grady


Additional Information

Molly Bernstein

Molly Bernstein began her career as an editor and her credits include the Emmy- and Peabody-Award-winning Jerome Robbins: Something to Dance About segment of American Masters, the Elaine May-penned historical series Witnesses to the Twentieth Century and the Peabody Award-winning American Revolution series Liberty. For the Sundance Channel and AMC, she has written and directed profiles of John Sayles, Bernardo Bertolucci. Estelle Parsons and more. DECEPTIVE PRACTICE: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay marks her feature directing debut.

Alan Edelstein

Filmmaker and journalist Alan Edelstein received an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary, Short Subject for The Wizard of the Strings (1985). His writing on arts and culture has appeared in publications that include the New York Times, the Forward and Transition. He has been a writer and producer for the Sundance Channel, Nowak Associates, Great Projects and other companies. He makes his feature directing debut with DECEPTIVE PRACTICE: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay.