Il Futuro
Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Premiere Status:Italy
Year of Prod:2012
Running Time:99
Original Language:Italian
dir:Alicia Scherson
prod:Christoph Friedel
Claudia Steffen
Mario Mazzarotto
Emanuele Nespeca
scr:Alicia Scherson
cam:Ricardo de Angelis
editor:Soledad Salfate
Ana Álvarez Ossorio
mus:Eduardo Henríquez
Caroline Chaspoul
cast:Manuela Martelli
Rutger Hauer
Luigi Ciardo
Nicolas Vaporidis
Alessandro Giallocosta
source:Visit Films
173 Richardson Street
New York
NY 11222
FAX: 718.362.4865
Chilean filmmaker Alicia Scherson (Play, SFIFF 2005) returns to the San Francisco Film Festival with her third feature, Il Futuro, an adaptation of the late Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño’s novella, Una novelita lumpen. Devastated by the loss of their parents, newly orphaned teens Bianca and Tomás face an uncertain future. Despite a slight physique, Tomás dreams of becoming a bodybuilder and befriends two personal trainers, Libian and Bolognan. The two new acquaintances soon move in with the siblings and while they bring a semblance of structure to the chaotic household, they also offer an opportunity the brother and sister seemingly can’t refuse: scamming a wealthy recluse and former action-movie star named Maciste (Rutger Hauer). Framed as a crime drama, Il Futuro is much more. It’s also an engrossing meditation on Italy’s moviemaking past through Maciste’s sword-and-sandal career, a provocative exploration of the inevitably corrosive effects of time on the body and long-term relationships and a sensual, melancholic examination of a young woman’s unpredictable journey into self-awareness and maturity.
-Mel Valentin
Additional Information

Alicia Scherson

After receiving her undergraduate degree in biology, Chilean-born Alicia Scherson turned to filmmaking, studying film in Cuba before receiving a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She made her feature debut with Play (SFIFF 2005) followed by Turistas (2009). Scherson’s third film, Il Futuro is an adaptation of Roberto Bolaño’s novella, Una novelita lumpen. When she’s not making films, she teaches film at the Universidad de Chile.