Show or Tell
New People CinemaFri, Apr 26, 2013 9:15 PM Not Available
Film Info
Section:Live & Onstage
Running Time:75
photo:Tommy Lau

Bay Area artists and filmmakers visiting SFIFF present their passions, experiences, relationships and obsessions with the moving image. This will be a true variety show with live music, an illustrated lecture, a behind-the-scenes story or two and surprises. This is a unique chance to see how some of the most creative people living in the Bay Area and internationally relate to cinema. The show includes musician/cinephile Mark Eitzel (American Music Club), writer/editor/designer Eli Horowitz (former McSweeney’s managing editor), filmmaker/visual artist Lucy Raven (RP31, China Town) and musician/activist Boots Riley (The Coup). Please check back here for updates as we will add out-of-town guests based on availability.