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This international collection of narrative and documentary short films offers a wide variety of moods and styles. From poignant observations by retirees in a Florida community to the moody evocation of life for a young Gypsy boy to the visual poetry of photos recovered after the Japanese tsunami, these works reflect on the transience of life or community in surprising and moving ways. All films are in competition for a Golden Gate Award.

Black Metal When a teenager commits an atrocity in honor of a black metal band, the lead singer struggles to make sense of the situation to himself and his young child. (Kat Candler, USA 2012, 9 min)

Ellen Is Leaving In this funny and touching work, the titular young woman endeavors to find a suitable mate for the boyfriend she is leaving behind. (Michelle Savill, New Zealand 2012, 16 min)

On the Edge A Gypsy boy returns to his family’s caravan one day to find they’ve left without him. Renowned actor Grégoire Colin takes the director’s seat to helm this evocative story of a hunted community. (Grégoire Colin, France 2012, 25 min)

Kings Point In a Florida retirement community, residents gather for bingo and bridge, dances and dinners and share stories of life, love and the difficulties of aging. An Academy Award nominee for Documentary Short. (Sari Gilman, USA 2012, 30 min) This is a Cinema by the Bay film.

Recollections In this poetic and inspiring documentary short, survivors of the Japanese tsunami hold on to the past through pictures recovered from the debris. (Nathanael Carton, Japan 2012, 13 min)

Reindeer The ancient practice of reindeer herding in the twilight expanses of the Finnish Laplands is vividly captured in this masterpiece of movement and sound. (Eva Weber, England 2012, 4 min)