Shorts 6: Family Films
Sundance Kabuki CinemasSun, May 5, 2013 10:30 AM Not Available
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Everyone wants to find friendship, love and happiness, whether you’re a bug or a boy, an umbrella or a trumpet player. From Argentina to New Zealand, Turkey to Mexico, these dazzling live-action and animated stories are both universal and intergenerational. It’s a global exploration for the whole family, as well as a chance to see Pixar’s newest animated short The Blue Umbrella.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Tintico's Afternoons
Sometimes bugs can be really annoying. And sometimes they make the best accompanists a lonely old musician could ask for. (Alejandro Garcia Caballero, Mexico 2012, 9 min) In competition for a Golden Gate Award.

Jonah and the Crab
While most kids go for the standard cats and dogs, Jonah finds a prickly hermit crab to be the perfect pet for him. (Laurel Cohen, USA 2012, 8 min) In competition for a Golden Gate Award.

The Goat Herder and his Lots and Lots and Lots of Goats
A day in the life of a Spanish mountain goat herder and his well-ordered flock is played out in vibrant purple animation. (Will Rose, England 2012, 8 min)

My Friend Erhan
When the goat they’ve been instructed to care for disappears, two young children in a rural orphanage must own up to their responsibility. (Khurrum M. Sultan, Turkey 2012, 12 min) In Turkish with English subtitles

The tale of a light bulb factory worker seeking an escape from his regimented daily existence uses a clever combination of live actors, animated objects and time-lapse sequences to wacky effect. (Juan Pablo Zaramella, Argentina 2012, 6 min) In competition for a Golden Gate Award.

Cicada Princess
After living underground for 16 years, the cicadas come out for one grand night of celebration—and maybe love?—before their time on Earth is up. (Mauricio Baiocchi, USA 2012, 7 min) This is a Cinema by the Bay Film.

I’m Going to Mum's
In order to spite each other, 8-year-old Jacob’s divorced parents dress him in clothes they know will annoy the other parent—until Jacob makes a fashion statement of his own. (Lauren Jackson, New Zealand 2012, 13 min) In competition for a Golden Gate Award.

Beethoven's Wig
The world-renowned composer is having a seriously bad hair day. (Denny Silverthorne & Alex Hawley, Canada 2012, 2 min) In competition for a Golden Gate Award.

The Blue Umbrella
On the crowded and rainy city streets, two umbrellas try to make a connection, with the help of a surprisingly animated and musical cityscape. (Saschka Unseld, USA 2013, 7 min) This is a Cinema by the Bay Film.

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