The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
Vogue TheatreSat, Oct 5, 2013 4:00 PM Not Available
Fall Season Festival
Fall Season Festival:Hong Kong Cinema
Film Info
Original Language Title:Shao Lin san shi liu fang
Year of Prod:1977
Running Time:119
Original Language:Cantonese
dir:Lau Kar-leung
scr:Ni Kuang
cam:Arthur Wong. With Gordon Liu
Lieh Lo
Yang Yu
Wang Yu
The recent death of martial arts legend Lau Kar-leung (aka Liu Chia-liang) warrants a tribute screening of this essential kung-fu film directed by Liu himself. Starring the filmmaker's frequent collaborator (and pupil) Lau Chia-hui (aka Gordon Liu), the story involves a student at the Shaolin monastery who undertakes grueling martial arts training in order to wreak vengeance on the marauders who occupied his village. With astonishing fight choreography by director Lau, the film has influenced legions of artists including the Wu-Tang Clan and Quentin Tarantino and was selected by Black Belt magazine as the third-best martial arts film of all time.