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Fall Season Festival
Fall Season Festival:Sister Cities Cinema: Zurich/SF
Film Info
Year of Prod:2006
Running Time:120
Original Language:German
dir:Fredi M. Murer
scr:Peter Luisi
Fredi M. Murer
Lukas B. Suter
cam:Pio Corradi
Vitus is a boy genius and a child prodigy at the piano, and his musical talent is the source of tension between the boy and his parents—especially his mother, who is compelled to force him to nurture his gift. But Vitus just wants to be a normal boy. Fredi M. Murer’s upbeat film about an exceptional child who learns to find his own way in life is an admonitory tale for average folk as well, reminding us that the possibilities of life are endless, if only we can learn to let go of what keeps us from them.