Swissmakers (Die Schweizermacher)
New PeopleSun, Oct 20, 2013 6:30 PM Not Available
Fall Season Festival
Fall Season Festival:Sister Cities Cinema: Zurich/SF
Film Info
Original Language Title:Die Schweizermacher
Year of Prod:1978
Running Time:107
Original Language:German
Swiss German
dir:Rolf Lyssy
scr:Rolf Lyssy
Christa Maerker
cam:Fritz E. Maeder
In this dry satire, amiable young agent Moritz Fischer is assigned to partner with Max Bodner, an old pro in the Cantonal Police—the “office for assimilation”—whose task is to investigate the everyday lives of candidates for Swiss citizenship including a German doctor, a Yugoslavian dancer and an Italian baker. Young Fischer increasingly chafes under Bodner’s old school methods as the candidates attempt to master Swiss cuisine or are judged by the color of their trashbags. Lyssy’s comedy, the most successful Swiss film ever, playfully takes on Swiss stereotypes and the notion of unconditional assimilation.
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