Vogue TheatreSat, Nov 2, 2013 9:00 PM Not Available
Fall Season Festival
Fall Season Festival:Taiwan Film Days
Film Info
Year of Prod:2013
Running Time:112 min
Original Language:Mandarin
dir:Chung Mong-hong
scr:Chung Mong-hong
cam:Nagao Nakashima
This Toronto International Film Festival selection is an eerie, sometimes bloody thriller that circles around a strange question, “Who inhabits this man’s body?” Following a physical collapse, A-Chuan is released from the hospital into his father’s care and taken to his home in the mountains. It soon becomes clear that A-Chuan is deeply disturbed, stating unnervingly, “I saw this body was empty, so I moved in…” Thus begins a descent into violence, psychological torment and ultimately, possession. Who or what controls A-Chuan, and what is the responsibility of those around him to flush it out or stop him?