Napoli 24
Clay TheatreWed, Nov 13, 2013 9:00 PM Not Available
Fall Season Festival
Fall Season Festival:New Italian Cinema
Film Info
Year of Prod:2010
Running Time:75
Original Language:Italian
dir:Multiple directors
cam:Cesare Accetta
Francesca Amitrano
Mario Amura
Antonio Grambone
Agostino Vertucci
From over 100 proposals, the producers of Napoli 24 selected 24 directors to each make a three-minute short portraying the city of Naples. The result, featuring shorts by New Italian Cinema 2013 participants Mario Martone and Paolo Sorrentino alongside numerous younger and lesser-known directors, is a choral work of great diversity and vitality. Over three years in the making and completed with great difficulty during the infamous garbage crisis, this omnibus film pays tribute to one of the world’s most magnificent and complicated metropolises.