American Vagabond
Roxie TheatreSat, Nov 23, 2013 4:30 PM Not Available
Fall Season Festival
Fall Season Festival:Cinema by the Bay
Film Info
Year of Prod:2013
Running Time:86
dir:Susanna Helke
cam:Marko Luukkonen
The burgeoning community of homeless gay youths in San Francisco is dramatically brought to life in Susanna Helke’s poetic and evocative documentary. James and his boyfriend Tyler are desperate to escape the oppressive confines of Chico, CA and James’s disapproving parents. They head westward to the promised land of San Francisco looking for refuge and acceptance, but instead find themselves stranded among other homeless youths struggling to find a community they yearn for. With bewitching shots of San Francisco and poignant voiceover, Finnish director Susanna Helke creates a heartbreaking depiction of the tragic consequences that result when dreams and illusion collide with reality.